Meet Anna Molinari (@annamolinstinct)

Join us for a rapid-fire round of questions with Sellebrity and TikToker Anna Molinari (@annamolinstinct)!


  1. We are big fans of your repurposed fashion. Please talk about your thought process in choosing what and how to repurpose a piece.

When repurposing a piece, I am usually drawn to color, pattern, or hand-feel. With that being said, I see design potential in practically anything and everything. I will come up with an initial design based off of the material I am repurposing, and then revise the design along the way as I construct it. I really let the clothing and fabric speak to me, rather than trying to force it to be a certain way.

  1. How did you go viral on TikTok? Please share tips!

I went viral on TikTok from my unconventional material recycled garments—I have found that my very niche videos do the best. Find a niche that is unique and you are passionate about that is rooted in positivity, and people will resonate with it.

  1. Advice for aspiring designers?

My advice to aspiring designers is to not think, just do. Put yourself and your work out there onto the internet, experiment with materials and techniques, let your imagination run wild because the sky's the limit in fashion design.

  1. What is the most interesting thing you learned from a TikTok recently?

I recently learned a way to make fabric have a sort of 3-dimensional popcorn texture by using metal nuts and boiling water.

  1. Where/who/how do you want to be 5 years from now?

5 years from now I hope to be running my own fashion label out of a downtown NYC studio/showroom full time. While running my completely sustainable brand, I’d like to continue promoting sustainability and environmental activism through social media. I want to continue to use my designs as a platform for important societal and environmental issues and promote change in the world.

Meet Anna Molinari (@annamolinstinct)
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