Meet Pilot Paisley-Rose (@OfficiallyPilot)

Join us for a rapid-fire round with Sellebrity Pilot Paisley-Rose, actress and singer/songwriter (IG: @OfficiallyPilot)






1. If you could raid anyone’s closet, whose would it be and why? 

Zendaya’s closet, no question. I think she has some of the best red carpet looks ever! Her and her stylist Law Roach always pick outfits that are relevant to every event she attends.

2. Favorite song writer of all time and why? Favorite song right now?

I couldn't pick a favorite songwriter of all time. That's way too difficult lol (MAYBE The Beatles). My favorite songs right now are pretty much anything by Lana Del Rey or SZA.

3. Biggest learning experience thus far?

Any time being on a set is a huge learning experience because every time is different and often unpredictable.

4. Favorite vintage piece you own?

Vintage gucci pants :))

5. Advice to an aspiring singer/songwriter?

Don’t force creativity. Your best ideas will come when you are relaxed and aren’t trying. Just breathe and get into your creative zone when you are feeling ready.

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