Meet Tyra Booker (@TyraBookerr)

Join us for a rapid-fire round with Sellebrity Tyra Booker, YouTuber & Social Director @ Ilia Beauty (IG: @TyraBookerr / YT: @FashionWithTy)!       

  1. What's the last great book you read? 

Black Swans by Eve Babitz. It’s eight of Eve Babitz's best short stories. She will make you fall in love with the old Hollywood vibe of Los Angeles paired with a youthful zest for dreams, drinks and romance in one. In short, she's the reason I moved.

  1. Who do you turn to for style advice and why?

I would not say there's one person but a collection of moments. I’m in love with the 90s supermodel era, everyone from Naomi Campbell to Kate Moss. Simple cuts and minimalist tones that accentuate shape. Sarah Jessica Parker seasons 1-3 in Sex & the City. The way she played with color in such an effortless and feminine way. Also, a subway ride in New York will always do the trick. Everyone is so willing to be daring with their fashion choices, it taught me that style is about dressing for yourself regardless of what anyone thinks except having the confidence to own it.

  1. How would you describe your style in a phrase?

My mood that day :)

  1. Favorite podcast at the moment?

NPR’s How I Built This 

  1. One vice you want to give up? One vice you won’t give up?

Reality television and reality television :)

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