About Us

Hi friends - we are Chloe (Stanford ‘21) and Claire Lee (Georgetown ‘2X), sisters, roommates, and founders, now on year 2 (!!) of living our dream to shake up the current shopping landscape. Thank you to all our Sellebs, investors, buyers, friends, and family who have supported us along this wild ride <3

Our storyScoring Kendall Jenner's Alexander McQueen Angry Bunny Sweatshirt in 2015 at a one-time internet sale (years before Kardashian Kloset was a thing) definitely left some threads hanging for the Lee sisters. The emotional connection created by that transaction would always linger. During the pandemic, we had all the time in the world to bemoan the fact that online shopping experience had become faceless and unmemorable -- sifting and swapping the dregs of the fast-fashion food chain and cutting low-ball deals on copycat aesthetics...and all the soulless scrolling! It was infinite, exhausting, and to be fair, becoming… well… old-fashioned...

That's where Selleb comes in. Our platform is all about providing an interactive shopping journey that provides distinctive, one-of-a-kind idiosyncratic narratives infused in the items we sell. 

selleb sisters edie parker
Selleb x Edie Parker Event

Selleb provides a connection with your fav public figures whom you love and follow on social media. Yes we are talking about the trendsetters, the cool hunters, the cultural early adopters, and the tastemakers with an X factor/ insider chats/unforgettable style to get you excited about shopping again.

More importantly, sustainability and circularity are intrinsically, deeply woven into the fabric of our company DNA. Ultimately, we hope that our efforts will, in some small measure, move the needle on the buying habits of future generations -- that secondhand will always be their first option.

Whether it's an over-sized graphic tee worn by a lovable TikTokker, a monogrammed tote belonging to a fashion icon, a Rubik's Cube used by a gold medalist winner, a jersey worn by your fav athlete during a championship victory -- every piece on our site is a pop-culture cocktail with a story waiting to be spilled. Welcome to the coolest yard sale on the internet.

We are thrilled that you dropped by,

Chloe & Claire xx

P.S. Find us on IG and TikTok for BTS...